Yahoo Users Tend To Spend Less: No Kidding!

A study released last Friday by Hitwise is causing lots of discussion: graphing search engine use against some of their demographic data, they assert that people who use Yahoo tend to buy less stuff online. To which anyone working in search replies, no duh!  Client after client, our data shows that while impressions and evenContinue reading “Yahoo Users Tend To Spend Less: No Kidding!”

Microsoft Gets All Hostile On Yahoo!

Normally I am opposed to including the exclamation mark on the end of “Yahoo!”; I hate punctuation in company names and I just refuse to acknowledge it. Do you hear me Beverages, And More!? However news of Microsoft’s hostile takeover bid for Yahoo! this morning caused such a collective plotz here in Silicon Valley thatContinue reading “Microsoft Gets All Hostile On Yahoo!”

Yahoo’s Future On GigaOM

Excellent, excellent article on GigaOM from someone who clearly shares my mystification at why Yahoo, with its massive audience, can’t seem to mint money the way that Google does. Here’s where the confusion comes from; see how the little red line is above the little blue line? (The red line is Yahoo, in case youContinue reading “Yahoo’s Future On GigaOM”

Remember When We All Used Yahoo?

It is hard to remember in these Googly days that there was a time not so long ago when the boys from Yahoo were all anyone wanted to talk about. The search engines were fighting it out for share, and I actually selected Alta Vista as my preferred engine based on its spectacular results forContinue reading “Remember When We All Used Yahoo?”

Mobile Is Where Yahoo Can Stake Its Ground

While Google continues its inexorable drive upwards in traditional browser share, they don’t have the mobile search market nearly as nailed down.  Different device, different world, and people are perfectly willing to follow different search behavior with their mobile handsets.  Whoever makes it easiest to find stuff online will come out the winner. That makesContinue reading “Mobile Is Where Yahoo Can Stake Its Ground”

Yahoo, MSN Continue Share Slide

The search engine ratings are in from the various services, and although absolute shares change wildly depending on the service, the trend is similar for all: Google is gaining ground while Yahoo and MSN are leaking air like a birthday balloon. This also doesn’t include traffic the engines get from their content networks, which isContinue reading “Yahoo, MSN Continue Share Slide”