iPhone Changes The Mobile Search Conversation

Two recent related stories point to the continued flux in the mobile search market: 1. To the surprise of no one who has paid the least attention to the hype, the iPhone has increased its share of the US smartphone market quite rapidly for such a new entrant into the market. It is now theContinue reading “iPhone Changes The Mobile Search Conversation”

Mobile Is Where Yahoo Can Stake Its Ground

While Google continues its inexorable drive upwards in traditional browser share, they don’t have the mobile search market nearly as nailed down.  Different device, different world, and people are perfectly willing to follow different search behavior with their mobile handsets.  Whoever makes it easiest to find stuff online will come out the winner. That makesContinue reading “Mobile Is Where Yahoo Can Stake Its Ground”

Yahoo Pwned in Japan

Poor Yahoo.  Even in the one global market that they’ve managed to dominate (Japan) Google has swept in and taken some future search share from them: Google has signed a deal with NTT DoCoMo to be the default search provider for 48 million wireless handsets.  All the more interesting given Google’s desire to create theirContinue reading “Yahoo Pwned in Japan”