You Know Who Loves Google’s Ad Buy? eHow.

Oh my gosh.  I can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long.  The hangnail situation from last time?  Well, it got even more out of hand and it’s really been taking all my time.  The good news is I have some new people in place and things are looking really squared away now– nice trimContinue reading “You Know Who Loves Google’s Ad Buy? eHow.”

Powerset: Worthy Of The Hype?

Whew, I haven’t posted in months.  Sorry, I was doing my nails, and I had a tricky hangnail situation so it just took ages. So, Google.  You’ve heard of them, right?  Apparently they make a dollar or two here and there by selling ads alongside search results.  And anything that makes a dollar or twoContinue reading “Powerset: Worthy Of The Hype?”

Google + Performics = Conflict Of Interest

Tech Crunch notes in this story about Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick that “many have missed one part of the deal that may raise eyebrows: Google now owns SEO firm Performics.” Welp, as an employee of another firm that offers SEO and SEM services, I can say we sure didn’t miss that element. I’ve already feltContinue reading “Google + Performics = Conflict Of Interest”

iPhone Changes The Mobile Search Conversation

Two recent related stories point to the continued flux in the mobile search market: 1. To the surprise of no one who has paid the least attention to the hype, the iPhone has increased its share of the US smartphone market quite rapidly for such a new entrant into the market. It is now theContinue reading “iPhone Changes The Mobile Search Conversation”

Yahoo Users Tend To Spend Less: No Kidding!

A study released last Friday by Hitwise is causing lots of discussion: graphing search engine use against some of their demographic data, they assert that people who use Yahoo tend to buy less stuff online. To which anyone working in search replies, no duh!  Client after client, our data shows that while impressions and evenContinue reading “Yahoo Users Tend To Spend Less: No Kidding!”

Google & Publicis Hop In Bed

Anyone who works in advertising knows that Google has been diligently working to build up its traditional agency skills… let’s just say the recruiters are not shy about calling you right at your current job to see if you’d rather have free lunch at Google instead. That makes this announcement about Google forming a partnershipContinue reading “Google & Publicis Hop In Bed”

Remember When We All Used Yahoo?

It is hard to remember in these Googly days that there was a time not so long ago when the boys from Yahoo were all anyone wanted to talk about. The search engines were fighting it out for share, and I actually selected Alta Vista as my preferred engine based on its spectacular results forContinue reading “Remember When We All Used Yahoo?”

Being Beth Morgan: Google Finds Me

So. Just under a month ago I started an SEO experiment to see what I could do to own the term “Beth Morgan,” a common name with some long-established results in Google. I did this not simply to assuage my gargantuan ego, but primarily in enthusiasm for my new role at work, which has meContinue reading “Being Beth Morgan: Google Finds Me”

Yahoo, MSN Continue Share Slide

The search engine ratings are in from the various services, and although absolute shares change wildly depending on the service, the trend is similar for all: Google is gaining ground while Yahoo and MSN are leaking air like a birthday balloon. This also doesn’t include traffic the engines get from their content networks, which isContinue reading “Yahoo, MSN Continue Share Slide”

Yahoo Pwned in Japan

Poor Yahoo.  Even in the one global market that they’ve managed to dominate (Japan) Google has swept in and taken some future search share from them: Google has signed a deal with NTT DoCoMo to be the default search provider for 48 million wireless handsets.  All the more interesting given Google’s desire to create theirContinue reading “Yahoo Pwned in Japan”