Because Everyone Wants More Ads!

Mashable has a story up about contextual advertiser Proximic that I feel isn’t nearly as skeptical as it should be. Proximic contacted us several months ago with a request to try out their advertising network, and my feelings then and now are the same: I don’t see these ads gaining traffic.

Remember When We All Used Yahoo?

It is hard to remember in these Googly days that there was a time not so long ago when the boys from Yahoo were all anyone wanted to talk about. The search engines were fighting it out for share, and I actually selected Alta Vista as my preferred engine based on its spectacular results forContinue reading “Remember When We All Used Yahoo?”

Naming Your Company: Think About SEO, Too

It’s very common when a new company is casting about for a name to consider domain availability in making their decision. But as search becomes an increasingly powerful way for customers to connect with companies, another issue to consider is the discoverability of the name. Cobbled-together names like “Meebo” or “Digg” may sound gratingly WebContinue reading “Naming Your Company: Think About SEO, Too”