Who Will Be The Next Google?

You know, sometimes my own powers of prediction are truly amazing.  Back in 1998, for example, I thought, “Why would you want to work at a search engine?  They are so boring.  Email, that’s where the excitement is!”  It’s that kind of effortless market acumen that’s kept my family in ramen and envy through theContinue reading “Who Will Be The Next Google?”

Industry Standard: A 1.0 Brand Hops On The 2.0 Train

Remember 10 years ago, when we were all using Yahoo? In between searches we were reading The Industry Standard so we could find out all about which <insert merch>.com company had just gotten $50 million in funding and celebrated by hosting a party with Carlos Santana performing the background music at cocktail hour. (I’m kidding,Continue reading “Industry Standard: A 1.0 Brand Hops On The 2.0 Train”