Google + Performics = Conflict Of Interest

Tech Crunch notes in this story about Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick that “many have missed one part of the deal that may raise eyebrows: Google now owns SEO firm Performics.” Welp, as an employee of another firm that offers SEO and SEM services, I can say we sure didn’t miss that element. I’ve already felt that Google’s aggressive promotion of its free paid search strategy services offered enough of a conflict of interest, but as Danny Sullivan points out at length, they will now be accepting payment from firms wishing to rank well in their own natural search results. Google has long touted that they don’t have any connections to SEO firms…well, now they do. I’m sure they will pull out their “Don’t Be Evil” flag and wave it around, as if merely saying that that is their motto means they can do anything they want and it’s still okay. But selling SEO strategy is a clear conflict of interest and I agree with Danny that they should divest themselves of Performics as soon as they can.


Being Beth Morgan: Google Finds Me

So. Just under a month ago I started an SEO experiment to see what I could do to own the term “Beth Morgan,” a common name with some long-established results in Google. I did this not simply to assuage my gargantuan ego, but primarily in enthusiasm for my new role at work, which has me working more with SEO than I did in the past. And today… movement. Read the full and fascinating after the jump. Continue reading

Naming Your Company: Think About SEO, Too

It’s very common when a new company is casting about for a name to consider domain availability in making their decision. But as search becomes an increasingly powerful way for customers to connect with companies, another issue to consider is the discoverability of the name. Cobbled-together names like “Meebo” or “Digg” may sound gratingly Web 2.0, but they also have the advantage of minimizing noise in search.

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Google To Include Blogs In Search Results

I guess I have a little bit of a crush on Google today.  And I haven’t even mentioned how much my heart lifts when I open iGoogle and see my Daily Puppy.  Wait, let me check…Hi, Thelma the Slovensky Cuvac, aren’t you fluffy?

Although I haven’t exactly viewed Google’s Universal Search as the enormous game-changer it was portrayed as, it’s worth mentioning the latest news that blog results will be included in natural search results as part of Universal Search.  In light of my experiment to own Beth Morgan search results, it underscores the importance of blogs and blog postings as an important SEO resource for those wishing to improve their showing in natural search results.