Lean Your Marketing: Marketing Is Not Rotisserie Chicken

Wanna hear a sad story about some orphans? Pretty much every company I’ve helped out with paid search marketing has been running tests– in the sense that there were a couple ads per ad group, and they were running on some sort of rotation.  But in general, that’s as far as the tests have gone. […]

Lean Your Marketing: If You Can’t Do A Split Test, Control What You Can

As a certified control freak, I loves me some split tests.  So clear-cut, so reliable!  But the world is the world, and sometimes you find yourself with questions that can’t be answered with a split test. Shocking, I know!  But it happens. Say, for example, that you want to figure out whether it makes sense […]

Lean Your Marketing: Control The Conditions With Split Tests

Once you’ve got a hypothesis in hand, it’s time to get testing. Split testing, aka A/B testing, means testing two options against each other at the same time and against the same randomized population.  This is pretty easy to do in a lot of digital marketing: The major paid search providers allow for different ads […]

Lean Your Marketing: Create A Hypothesis

Did you ever do science fair in school?  Creating that yearly experiment taught me the scientific method: Create a hypothesis Test it in a controlled way Gather results Draw conclusions that either confirm or invalidate the hypothesis You’ll hear Lean Startup aficionados talk a lot about validated learning, and a key step in that is […]

Lean Your Marketing: Everything’s Trackable

Some things lend themselves to easy tracking– paid search, for example, generates lots of data and, at least in the case of Google, runs it through a nice dashboard with lots of reports.  But what about other kinds of marketing?  Some may be harder to wrestle into shape, for sure.  But everything can at least […]

Lean Your Marketing: Make Tracking Part Of The Product Plan

I’ve got to say, everything I’ve recommended on these slides so far has been something that, even if clients weren’t doing it right away, they got there eventually– deciding on a key metric, figuring CPA, etc.  This, though?  This one’s more like a cri de couer for a perfect that world that might exist if […]

Lean Your Marketing: Have A Goal And A Target Cost Per Acquisition

Okay, so you’ve figured out your key performance indicator— you’re all set, right?  Almost.  But to really make sure you understand whether your marketing is performing the way you want it to, you need to create a goal for your KPI that is specific and time-bound.  Instead of saying that you just want “more leads,” […]

Lean Your Marketing: Find The Metric That Pays Your Bills

The customer funnel. We know what this is, right? It’s the progression of people through stages of your marketing, from (for example) searching on an ad, clicking on the ad, visiting your site, and signing up for or buying your wonderful product. All of those stages produce opportunities for tracking.  Any one-horse ad product is […]

Lean Your Marketing: Start Early And Stay Focused

Aaaah, the Measure portion of the presentation. *cracks knuckles, gets ready* So, it was kind of funny trying to figure out how to organize this presentation, because Measure kept wanting to come first, despite being clearly second in the Build-Measure-Learn cycle.  And the reason it kept wanting to come first was because of this recommendation: […]

Lean Your Marketing: Tread Lightly On Engineering Resources

When I worked at Red Bricks Media, part of the startup process was, OF COURSE, figuring out what we wanted to track to see if our marketing programs were succeeding. Often this required some sort of tracking pixel to be placed on the client’s site.  And often, when we handed over the code and the […]