Infomercial Stupidity: A Love Story In GIFs

Whenever people ask me my guilty pleasure I usually say I don’t have one.  Not because I lead a virtuous and abstemious life– on the contrary, it’s because my basic organs of self-regard are so worn down that I feel no guilt no matter what kind of low-brow crap I’m indulging in.  However, I willContinue reading “Infomercial Stupidity: A Love Story In GIFs”

Creating a Week Label in Excel

I just love Excel.  I remember when I was introduced to pivot tables—it was like the clouds of data ignorance had parted to reveal golden-robed angels singing of cross-tabbed insights.  And I wasn’t even drunk!  Except on the beauty of Excel, of course. Just recently I was looking at some daily performance data, and IContinue reading “Creating a Week Label in Excel”

Beth, You Naughty Thing

Well. A sudden new entrant is taking the Beth Morgan scene by storm. Although Beth Morgan news tends to be dominated by cricket Beth Morgan, the chatter these days is about a very, very naughty Beth Morgan in Australia who approved controversial real estate developments in exchange for sex and cash. Beth! That is shocking!Continue reading “Beth, You Naughty Thing”

Beth Morgan Video? Not Here.

Let me make this easier for all the people who’ve wandered by my innocent and family-friendly marketing blog off the search term “Beth Morgan video.”  I think you want this Beth Morgan (link very much Not Safe For Work).  I can’t tell you how little you’d like to watch a pornographic video with me inContinue reading “Beth Morgan Video? Not Here.”

Results Are In: Google Triples Site Traffic!

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about how (perhaps embarrassingly) excited I was to see that I had wandered onto the Google rankings, this blog tripled its usual traffic and tied one of its best days ever in terms of page views: a big 6!  I’m going to get some advertising going on thisContinue reading “Results Are In: Google Triples Site Traffic!”

That’s It, We’re Exiting The SEM Business

For a while I thought Red Bricks could really make it in search engine marketing.  However, with the recent announcement that you can get SEM services through Sam’s Club I’m afraid we just won’t be able to compete.  I mean, if you can get bulk toilet paper, jumbo bottles of dishwashing liquid, and SEM allContinue reading “That’s It, We’re Exiting The SEM Business”