Growth Hacking: The Results Are In. Kind Of.


Wah, what happened?  How is it July, and not even early July but mid July?  How have I not posted in so long?

Well, here’s the truth: I’ve been posting every week, but the damn zombie post has been eating them.  Because they were smart posts, and thus full of brains.

(You: “Doesn’t that mean this post is dumb?” Me: “Probably. Let’s move on.”)

Anyways, people mostly ignore everything I write, but I have gotten questions about the growth hacking experiment.  “How did it turn out?” they want to know.  “Have you disappeared off the face of the earth because you’ve been so very busy hacking away?”

Kind of?

Unfortunately for a data-driven marketer, I can only bring anecdata to the table, and the reason why illustrates the difficulties of testing things without true split conditions.  I quieted down on the blog for a couple of weeks, unlinked the blog from the LinkedIn profile, and generally tried to control things so that changes in views and incoming requests could be attributed to the title change and nothing else.

But at the same time, I had been working on a piece on the KISSMetrics blog about landing page optimization, which was a great opportunity, and one that I didn’t have that much control over. They ran the piece when they ran the piece, and I couldn’t really say, “Hey, could you hold off for six weeks?  I’m doing an experiment.”  So the piece ran right around the same time I Growth Hacked my job title.

So– yes, I did get a lot of traffic to my profile, and I did get a lot of inbound requests from people wanting hacking.  But did it come from the title change?  Did it come from the KISSMetrics piece?  Did it come from putting my Lean slides on SlideShare, which also produced traffic?

It’s hard to say.  My gut– which even a data-driven marketer has– says that yes, the title change did produce some traffic and some inbound opportunities.  I admit, this is not a resounding answer.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to carefully cull Andrew Chen’s posts and Twitter so I can get ahead of the curve on the next buzzword opportunity.


People Are Funny Things

My blog, of course, reaches a pretty wide audience, numbering some days all the way into the very lowest reaches of the double digits.  With that broad of a readership of course I keep my eye on the stats so I can make sure I’m serving people well and providing them the information they want.  And based on the top searches that people are using to get to my blog, what they appear to want is for me to be a MILF.

Yes, the MILF Beth Morgan is still a pretty common way for people to get to my blog, and I honestly do not get this.  I just did a search for “beth morgan milf” myself, and indeed my blog does show up in the first page of results– under the enticing heading “Beth Morgan’s Blog O’ Marketing” and after an entire page with of listings promising hot pics of MILF Beth, personal conversations with MILF Beth, and seriously far more enticing-looking options.  I just can’t understand how someone genuinely interested in the topic of hot mamas could ever be tempted to click on a listing that says right there on the results page, “Sadly I have nothing for you.”  Maybe they think someone who has a career as a nontraditional erotic model might also have a side-business in marketing consulting and they want to see the other side of her (eww)?

And the sad thing is that having now written a post with “MILF Beth” in it 15 times, it will probably only serve to move me up in the search results.  Google’s a funny thing, too.

Beth, You Naughty Thing

Well. A sudden new entrant is taking the Beth Morgan scene by storm. Although Beth Morgan news tends to be dominated by cricket Beth Morgan, the chatter these days is about a very, very naughty Beth Morgan in Australia who approved controversial real estate developments in exchange for sex and cash. Beth! That is shocking! And I thought that porno Beth was bad for the Beth Morgan brand. This sounds like something soap opera Beth Morgan might do. I’m sure it’s been amusing to cricket Beth, who has been in Australia cricketing away while all the sordid details of naughty Beth have been making headlines there.

Update: Big shout-out to Sex & Cash Beth for causing an explosion of traffic to the blog!  As with the people seeking MILF Beth, I sadly don’t have much for you.  I’ve never even been in a position powerful enough that I *could* demand sex and cash from anyone.  Even with the husband it’s more of a negotiation than a demand.

Beth Morgan Video? Not Here.

Let me make this easier for all the people who’ve wandered by my innocent and family-friendly marketing blog off the search term “Beth Morgan video.”  I think you want this Beth Morgan (link very much Not Safe For Work).  I can’t tell you how little you’d like to watch a pornographic video with me in it.  Given the extensive body of work of that Beth Morgan I’m kind of surprised that this is where you’d end up on such a search, and sadly I have nothing for you.  Well, there’s this, but I had nothing to do with it.  It’s just cute.

Results Are In: Google Triples Site Traffic!

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about how (perhaps embarrassingly) excited I was to see that I had wandered onto the Google rankings, this blog tripled its usual traffic and tied one of its best days ever in terms of page views: a big 6!  I’m going to get some advertising going on this thing, and in about 1,000 years I can retire and live off the income.  However, I’m sure this is only the start of something bigger.  Just wait until I switch genders, then the traffic will come rolling in.

Being Beth Morgan: Google Finds Me

So. Just under a month ago I started an SEO experiment to see what I could do to own the term “Beth Morgan,” a common name with some long-established results in Google. I did this not simply to assuage my gargantuan ego, but primarily in enthusiasm for my new role at work, which has me working more with SEO than I did in the past. And today… movement. Read the full and fascinating after the jump. Continue reading

Google To Include Blogs In Search Results

I guess I have a little bit of a crush on Google today.  And I haven’t even mentioned how much my heart lifts when I open iGoogle and see my Daily Puppy.  Wait, let me check…Hi, Thelma the Slovensky Cuvac, aren’t you fluffy?

Although I haven’t exactly viewed Google’s Universal Search as the enormous game-changer it was portrayed as, it’s worth mentioning the latest news that blog results will be included in natural search results as part of Universal Search.  In light of my experiment to own Beth Morgan search results, it underscores the importance of blogs and blog postings as an important SEO resource for those wishing to improve their showing in natural search results.