Lean Your Marketing: Make Tracking Part Of The Product Plan

I’ve got to say, everything I’ve recommended on these slides so far has been something that, even if clients weren’t doing it right away, they got there eventually– deciding on a key metric, figuring CPA, etc.  This, though?  This one’s more like a cri de couer for a perfect that world that might exist ifContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Make Tracking Part Of The Product Plan”

Lean Your Marketing: Have A Goal And A Target Cost Per Acquisition

Okay, so you’ve figured out your key performance indicator— you’re all set, right?  Almost.  But to really make sure you understand whether your marketing is performing the way you want it to, you need to create a goal for your KPI that is specific and time-bound.  Instead of saying that you just want “more leads,”Continue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Have A Goal And A Target Cost Per Acquisition”

Lean Your Marketing: Find The Metric That Pays Your Bills

The customer funnel. We know what this is, right? It’s the progression of people through stages of your marketing, from (for example) searching on an ad, clicking on the ad, visiting your site, and signing up for or buying your wonderful product. All of those stages produce opportunities for tracking.  Any one-horse ad product isContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Find The Metric That Pays Your Bills”

Lean Your Marketing: Start Early And Stay Focused

Aaaah, the Measure portion of the presentation. *cracks knuckles, gets ready* So, it was kind of funny trying to figure out how to organize this presentation, because Measure kept wanting to come first, despite being clearly second in the Build-Measure-Learn cycle.  And the reason it kept wanting to come first was because of this recommendation:Continue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Start Early And Stay Focused”

Lean Your Marketing: Tread Lightly On Engineering Resources

When I worked at Red Bricks Media, part of the startup process was, OF COURSE, figuring out what we wanted to track to see if our marketing programs were succeeding. Often this required some sort of tracking pixel to be placed on the client’s site.  And often, when we handed over the code and theContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Tread Lightly On Engineering Resources”

Lean Your Marketing: The Minimum Viable Investment

I’ll hit on the next three slides together, because they are all around the same general topic: the idea of sampling/testing new marketing channels & projects before going big on investment. In my last post I talked about the key Lean concept of Build Measure Learn. Another equally important idea is the MVP: the MinimumContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: The Minimum Viable Investment”

Lean Your Marketing: Build, Measure, Learn

One of the key concepts in Lean Startup methodology is the Build – Measure – Learn cycle. The idea behind this is that many companies spend months or years building products without ever showing them to prospective customers to figure out if they even want the thing.  If it turns out that the product isContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Build, Measure, Learn”

Lean Your Marketing: How Many Startups Do Marketing

I’ve worked with a bunch of different startups both formally and informally, and often some variation of the below process has been undertaken before they’ve decided they might want help with marketing: 1) Create Awesome Product 2) Launch Awesome Product 3) Realize that merely posting existence of Awesome Product on their Twitter feed did notContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: How Many Startups Do Marketing”

Lean Your Marketing: Extended Edition

As I mentioned in my last post, quite a few people at the Lean Startup Conference asked for copies of my slides (“quite a few” is how we marketers describe those poor suckers slow enough to have had our cards foisted on them in passing). But as I also mentioned, the slides by their natureContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Extended Edition”

Ignite Lean Startup Presentation: Lean Your Marketing

Just got home from speaking at the kickoff of the Lean Startup Conference, where 15 speakers had 5 minutes each to present 20 slides.  The twist is that we had no control over the pace of the slides; they advanced every 15 seconds, unrelentingly, like waves breaking upon the shore.  Here’s some video: Here allContinue reading “Ignite Lean Startup Presentation: Lean Your Marketing”