Growth Hacking: The Results Are In. Kind Of.

Wah, what happened?  How is it July, and not even early July but mid July?  How have I not posted in so long? Well, here’s the truth: I’ve been posting every week, but the damn zombie post has been eating them.  Because they were smart posts, and thus full of brains. (You: “Doesn’t that meanContinue reading “Growth Hacking: The Results Are In. Kind Of.”

News You Can Use: An Infographic Of Every Walking Dead Zombie Kill

Infographics, while they are a bit overused these days, still represent a great way to package information in a visually engaging way. That’s the wrapper I’m using to vaguely explain why this awesome infographic of every Walking Dead zombie kill should be on a marketing blog.  Because… content?  Also, statistics?  Anways, this is sooper important, soContinue reading “News You Can Use: An Infographic Of Every Walking Dead Zombie Kill”

Growth Hacking: Does It Bring All The Boys To The Yard?

The first time I encountered the term “Growth Hacking” was on the LinkedIn profile of my Simplee colleague, Aaron Ginn.  “Ha-ha, that is some buzzword BS,” I thought dismissively, because buzzwords give me hives.  But soon enough, Aaron was writing a series on growth hacking in Tech Crunch.  Apparently it is a thing now. (AndContinue reading “Growth Hacking: Does It Bring All The Boys To The Yard?”

Split Testing In A World Of Tiny Traffic

As you know, I think split tests rock and you should definitely do them.  However, over at TechCrunch Robert J. Moore brings up a great point about A/B testing: …What if, like most start-ups, you only have a few thousand visitors per month? In these cases, testing small changes can invoke a form of analysis paralysisContinue reading “Split Testing In A World Of Tiny Traffic”

Lean Your Marketing: Marketing Is Not Rotisserie Chicken

Wanna hear a sad story about some orphans? Pretty much every company I’ve helped out with paid search marketing has been running tests– in the sense that there were a couple ads per ad group, and they were running on some sort of rotation.  But in general, that’s as far as the tests have gone.Continue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Marketing Is Not Rotisserie Chicken”

Lean Your Marketing: If You Can’t Do A Split Test, Control What You Can

As a certified control freak, I loves me some split tests.  So clear-cut, so reliable!  But the world is the world, and sometimes you find yourself with questions that can’t be answered with a split test. Shocking, I know!  But it happens. Say, for example, that you want to figure out whether it makes senseContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: If You Can’t Do A Split Test, Control What You Can”

Lean Your Marketing: Control The Conditions With Split Tests

Once you’ve got a hypothesis in hand, it’s time to get testing. Split testing, aka A/B testing, means testing two options against each other at the same time and against the same randomized population.  This is pretty easy to do in a lot of digital marketing: The major paid search providers allow for different adsContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Control The Conditions With Split Tests”

Lean Your Marketing: Create A Hypothesis

Did you ever do science fair in school?  Creating that yearly experiment taught me the scientific method: Create a hypothesis Test it in a controlled way Gather results Draw conclusions that either confirm or invalidate the hypothesis You’ll hear Lean Startup aficionados talk a lot about validated learning, and a key step in that isContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Create A Hypothesis”

Lean Your Marketing: Everything’s Trackable

Some things lend themselves to easy tracking– paid search, for example, generates lots of data and, at least in the case of Google, runs it through a nice dashboard with lots of reports.  But what about other kinds of marketing?  Some may be harder to wrestle into shape, for sure.  But everything can at leastContinue reading “Lean Your Marketing: Everything’s Trackable”