Growth Hacking: The Results Are In. Kind Of.

Wah, what happened?  How is it July, and not even early July but mid July?  How have I not posted in so long? Well, here’s the truth: I’ve been posting every week, but the damn zombie post has been eating them.  Because they were smart posts, and thus full of brains. (You: “Doesn’t that mean […]

News You Can Use: An Infographic Of Every Walking Dead Zombie Kill

Infographics, while they are a bit overused these days, still represent a great way to package information in a visually engaging way. That’s the wrapper I’m using to vaguely explain why this awesome infographic of every Walking Dead zombie kill should be on a marketing blog.  Because… content?  Also, statistics?  Anways, this is sooper important, so […]

Growth Hacking: Does It Bring All The Boys To The Yard?

The first time I encountered the term “Growth Hacking” was on the LinkedIn profile of my Simplee colleague, Aaron Ginn.  “Ha-ha, that is some buzzword BS,” I thought dismissively, because buzzwords give me hives.  But soon enough, Aaron was writing a series on growth hacking in Tech Crunch.  Apparently it is a thing now. (And […]

Split Testing In A World Of Tiny Traffic

As you know, I think split tests rock and you should definitely do them.  However, over at TechCrunch Robert J. Moore brings up a great point about A/B testing: …What if, like most start-ups, you only have a few thousand visitors per month? In these cases, testing small changes can invoke a form of analysis paralysis […]

Lean Your Marketing: Marketing Is Not Rotisserie Chicken

Wanna hear a sad story about some orphans? Pretty much every company I’ve helped out with paid search marketing has been running tests– in the sense that there were a couple ads per ad group, and they were running on some sort of rotation.  But in general, that’s as far as the tests have gone. […]

Lean Your Marketing: If You Can’t Do A Split Test, Control What You Can

As a certified control freak, I loves me some split tests.  So clear-cut, so reliable!  But the world is the world, and sometimes you find yourself with questions that can’t be answered with a split test. Shocking, I know!  But it happens. Say, for example, that you want to figure out whether it makes sense […]

Lean Your Marketing: Control The Conditions With Split Tests

Once you’ve got a hypothesis in hand, it’s time to get testing. Split testing, aka A/B testing, means testing two options against each other at the same time and against the same randomized population.  This is pretty easy to do in a lot of digital marketing: The major paid search providers allow for different ads […]

Lean Your Marketing: Create A Hypothesis

Did you ever do science fair in school?  Creating that yearly experiment taught me the scientific method: Create a hypothesis Test it in a controlled way Gather results Draw conclusions that either confirm or invalidate the hypothesis You’ll hear Lean Startup aficionados talk a lot about validated learning, and a key step in that is […]

Lean Your Marketing: Everything’s Trackable

Some things lend themselves to easy tracking– paid search, for example, generates lots of data and, at least in the case of Google, runs it through a nice dashboard with lots of reports.  But what about other kinds of marketing?  Some may be harder to wrestle into shape, for sure.  But everything can at least […]