About Beth Morgan

Beth Morgan is a online marketing professional with years of experience in direct mail, email, search marketing, display advertising, and all other manner of direct response marketing. I know, it makes you want to send an email and chat, right?  Her friends also say she’s funny, but they could be referring to her looks.  You may email her at beth (at) marketingnerdistry (eldotto) com

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2 thoughts on “About Beth Morgan

  1. Sorry Beth, you wrote a great article here;


    But it’s clear you do not live by your own teachings.

    Your home page is giving me a headache whenever I scroll, things start moving around that are hurting my eyes and do nothing but cause a distraction.

    There is no clear call to action (what do you want people to do? Sign up to your newsletter? contact you for a free 30 min. chat?)

    There is no offer.

    Overall I give your site a 3 out of 10 from a high converting landing page point of view!

    Kind Regards John


    P.s great work on the kissmetrics write up!!! It got me here, but your website lost me again. Maybe your reply can win me again 🙂

    1. Hah, you are totally right! In truth, the blog for me isn’t really a selling mechanism, it’s just a blog, so I haven’t bothered to add ABC features like a call to action, etc. I actually hate blogs where after you’re reading for 30 seconds a pop-up demands that you sign up for the newsletter. As for the design, have you seen what’s available for free on WordPress? Yawnsville, man. So I went with the cute fishies. But you’re right, I am violating everything I hold dear. Shameful, really. =)

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