News You Can Use: An Infographic Of Every Walking Dead Zombie Kill

Infographics, while they are a bit overused these days, still represent a great way to package information in a visually engaging way.

That’s the wrapper I’m using to vaguely explain why this awesome infographic of every Walking Dead zombie kill should be on a marketing blog.  Because… content?  Also, statistics?  Anways, this is sooper important, so just look:

Walking Dead Zombie Killers

I’m pretty surprised that Hershel has out-slaughtered Carl, and that Carl ranks ahead of Maggie.  Step it up, girl.

And a person with light OCD tendencies such as myself can’t help but love this careful cataloging of every weapon used in a kill, color-coded by season AND presented in alphabetical order.  (Although not sure how “scythe” got where it is… maybe it was a hand-mower at some point?)

Walking Dead Tool Use


Is there more? Oh yes, there’s more.  See the whole thing and marvel.

In conclusion: statistics.

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