Microsoft To Shun Last-Click Attribution. Searching Public To Shun Microsoft.

Microsoft, oh Microsoft. So full of clever search marketing ideas you are. Your keyword research tools are actually much richer than others on the market. And your newly announced idea to distribute conversion to all the clicks that contributed (search and not)— we likey, we likey. Now if only you had the volume to make it worthwhile. Because here’s the thing– while it’s awfully peachy as an advertiser to get a robust and well-thought-out toolset to work with (are you listening, Yahoo?), it doesn’t actually determine the placement of ad dollars much at all. You know what does? Traffic. We put clients’ money where the eyeballs and the wallets are, and in that respect Microsoft so brings up the rear of the Big Three that the head is already around the corner, finished with the race, and resting in a cafe with a sudoku puzzle.

That’s not to say we don’t want a challenge to Google. Monopoly and outrageous wealth lead inevitably to arrogance, and that’s not very fun to deal with. But this product tweak isn’t the sort of thing that will bring the Google balls crashing down.

One thought on “Microsoft To Shun Last-Click Attribution. Searching Public To Shun Microsoft.

  1. I’m personally like the Coremetrics’s whitepaper on their analytics as well, although I prefer not giving credit to all of them, but rather on an integrated aspect fully separate from someone who converts solely on PPC as I mean on my own SEO blog.

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